What is Roadman Brand?

With advanced office collaboration system, scaled chain operation, professional operation team, advanced brand planning and international strategic view, Roadman Brand shares projects information, professional knowledge, business experience, professional talents and social relations within the system by establishing the legal service network in the large and medium-scaled cities at home and international key areas as well as relying on internally advanced collaboration system and internal cooperative mechanism.

What are the modes for joining in Roadman Brand?

Diversified investment modes including direct investment, co-construction and independent investment are adopted by law firms of Roadman Brand in lots of places to jointly establish the global legal service system. At the present stage, law firms of Roadman Lawyer Brand Organization in lots of places adopt the mode of independent investment, that is, all partners of local law firms make independent investment in directly preparing to establish law firms or transforming local mature firms. At present, “equality”, “saving” and “benefits” can be used for explain the federated development mode of Roadman Brand.  

Equality: there are no legal risks for that all local member firms are equal with the headquarters without being controlled or limited on management. All member firms not only can effectively use platform resources of Roadman Brand, but also can independently own lawyers and maintain properties, thus they have the sense of security and take the initiative. The headquarters will not interfere in internal affairs of member firms or have conflicts of interest with them.

Saving: saving time, labor, trouble and money. It is simple and convenient for joining in Roadman Brand. The headquarters will provide powerful operation and brand support for all member firms. The high-efficiency and well-organized management system is internally established, then the uniform office system and template can be effectively used. Externally, it is intended to create the high-end brand in the industry with importance attached to both popularity and reputation, use uniform VI (including standard color, symbol pattern, corporate mascot, etc.), VI application system (including uniform business card, writing paper, envelope, all kinds of templates, etc.), promotional video, brochure, pictorial magazine of enterprise and enterprise mailbox. Both OA cooperative office system and VI system can effectively save costs for law firms to a great extent.

Benefits: multidirectional benefits. The Resources Center of the Headquarters will channel and share various resources of professional knowledge, lawyers, projects, investment and financing for all parts of the country, firms of Roadman Brand System and cooperative units. More cross-regional and cross-industry value-added services will be provided for customers by relying on Roadman Brand and system, with more commercial value attached, businesses of law firms can constantly be extended with the development of Roadman Brand Platform.

Development, transformation and breakthrough of lawyer businesses have unlimited potentials for the broad platform and infinite opportunities of Roadman Brand. If you are lawyers and law firms with public praise, strength, resources and dreams, Roadman Brand sincerely invites you, please join us to make concerted efforts to create the global legal service system of Roadman Brand with influence based on win-win and co-prosperity.

What are the conditions for joining Roadman Brand?

With integrating resources of excellent law firms of many places and attracting law firms with the strongest comprehensive strength or most distinctive law firms, Roadman Brand conducts differentiated cooperation and provides complementary resources so that lawyers can be more professional and they can realize cross-border development and great-leap-forward development.   

[Idea] Firms can highly identify with the management idea and operation mode as well as corporate culture, willingly grow with Roadman Brand and realize win-win.

[Public praise] Firms can have good reputation in the industry, and do not have any substantive complaint or punishment.

[Scale] Firms from the first-tier cities and various regional centers should have 100 lawyers at least within the next three years; firms from the second-tier cities should have 50 lawyers at least within the next three years; and firms from the third-tier or below cities should have 30 lawyers at least within the next three years.

[Office] The offices of law firms should be located in the local core business circles. For firms from the first-tier cities and various regional centers, offices should be located in the high-end business office buildings with the construction area no less than 1,000m2; for firms from the second-tier cities, offices shall be located in the well-located business office buildings with the construction area no less than 500m2; for firms from the third-tier or below cities, offices shall be located in business office buildings with the construction area no less than 300m2;

[Specialty] Firms have outstanding professional advantages, characteristics and related performance as well as cases, and attach importance to foster and develop the service capability of the team.

[Resources] Firms have resources of the government, the National People's Congress, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, media, colleges and universities and business associations or have membership in professional associations and industry resources.

[Customers] Firms have quiet well-known or fine-sorted enterprise customer resources, and can provide cross-regional and cross-industrial one-stop legal services for clients by relying on Roadman Brand System for customers.

[Priority] In case firms have outstanding professional advantages or resources, the aforesaid conditions are appropriately broadened.

What are the advantages of Roadman Brand?

[Uniform management mechanism] Roadman Lawyer Brand Organization has become the eco-type legal service platform with several law firms and other project entities participating in. Member firms can favorably interact and cooperate with each other by taking advantages of integrated resources, realizing win-win, stable and sustained development. Resource Center, Business Centers and specialized committees are established in the Headquarters to integrate case sources of platform, legal products and cross-border resources. Members mutually share or introduce legal service products and conduct project cooperation to promote service and business capability of law firms from lots of places.

[Stable business team] Over ten domestic and international law firms collaborate closely and form the powerful global legal service network. Roadman Brand owns over 100 lawyer resources, and law firms of many places will be extended with the global layout of Roadman Brand, providing multi-field and cross-regional one-stop legal services for customers.

[Standardized chain operation] The cooperative mechanism and channels among member firms can be established by the uniform enterprise mailboxes and OA cooperative office system to save operation costs. Restriction of regions can be broken for businesses by taking advantages of lawyer resources of Roadman Brand. With combining actual conditions, member firms shall conduct standardized operation, close integration and sufficient cooperation with reference to stipulations of systems of the headquarters for the sake of comprehensive cooperation of Roadman Brand in lots of places.

[Brand advantages of Roadman Brand] It takes “Roadman Lawyer Brand Organization” as the Chinese uniform brand and “roadman” as the English uniform brand. MI (Mind Identity), BI (Behavior Identity), VI (Visual Identity) and CIS (Corporate Identity System) are highly uniformed. Roadman Lawyer Brand Organization has the national uniform brand and engages the professional team with working experience of brand for over 20 years to build Roadman Brand, internally forming cohesion and externally creating brand influence, by all-around and normalized brand management and regularly organizing brand docking and training activities.