Roadman Brand is a brilliant lawyer brand management organization. Roadman Brand lays emphasis on unified reorganization and standardized use of brand with establishing the brand recognition system and standardized operation system. In addition, it sets up the Brand Business Committee and professional brand management teams. The professional ability of law firms and lawyers of the concert can be improved and propagandized through organizing and participating in industrial activities of high standard. Besides, it has created and operated its legal service platforms of “Roadman Brand”, “Falele” and “Roadman College” to expand its popularity and promote the value of Roadman Brand.

Roadman Brand is an excellent resources integration platform organization. With establishing the specialized resources integration team, Roadman Brand internally relies on platform companies and members of the concert, and externally relies on governments, judicial platform as well as colleges and universities to make joint efforts to create multiple cooperation platforms for research and development of products, market development, business transaction and talent cultivation, break resource barriers, conduct resources integration and sharing, and promote professional service capability of members of the concert so that integrative development of members and platforms of the concert can be realized.

Roadman Brand is the leading operational guidance organization of law firms. It has established the Franchise and Standardization Committee and Network Information Committee, and set up the whole-process standard system for preparations, establishment and daily operation of law firms. Each member of the concert is equipped with professional service manager and unified “Roadman + Open Internet Platform for Law Firms” to guide the establishment and operation of law firms. It pays attention to cooperation demands of law firms and comprehensively guides administrative management, business management, market development and standardized operation members of the concert to resolve the predicaments of difficult management, high risks and slow development of traditional law firms.

Roadman Brand is a professional research and development organization of legal services. With Business Guidance Committee being composed of internally senior and professional lawyers of the concert and Specialized Committee being responsible for high-end civil and commercial litigation, company law business, bankrupt business, financial business, construction engineering service, real estate business, retrial business, government advisory service, intellectual property business, business of the “Belt and Road” initiative and foreign business, maritime business, etc. as well as the professional consulting team formed by externally recruited experts, it is devoted to researching and developing legal service products, conducts studies on legal norms and formulates the standardized handling process with establishing Roadman College to provide guidance and training for members of the concert and lawyers so that the professional service capability can be promoted and the service quality can be guaranteed.

Dong Jiayou

The founder of Roadman Lawyer Brand Organization, chairman of the council/ second-grade lawyer/arbitrator.

He is an executive member of Marine Law Research Society of Shanghai Law Society and a supervisor of masters of laws, who acts as the chief law adviser and independent director in several governmental organs, national development zones and listed companies for many years.

He is good at transacting legal affairs related to disputes of enterprise equity, mergers and acquisitions, PE, PPP and has comparatively deep research on enterprise risk management;

He has published treatises of The Theory and Practice of Enterprise Legal Risk Management, Research on Legal Risk Management of Cable Companies and Environmental Protection Industry PPP Theory & Projects Operation Practice and published over ten papers on Law Journals.


With taking each side of “R and M” acronyms from “ROAD MAN” of Roadman Brand as the major element, LOGO is optimized to form the shield-shaped appearance with delicate modeling and being vigorous as a whole, manifesting the rigorous and stable image of the legal service industry. The Chinese red featured by being innovatory,enthusiastic, powerful and energetic and the blue grey featured by being steady, rational and trustworthy are used for LOGO. As an organizational leadership brand, the characteristics of unification and integration of Roadman Brand are highlighted by the LOGO temperament manifesting profound kindness.


The overall image is inspired by the mythical creature Xiezhi known from Chinese ancient myths and legends. Xiezhi which can distinguish rights and wrongs is the symbol of being bravery and fair. We abstract the image of Xiezhi, and apply the technique of gradient and montage to add more senses of internationality, times, science and technology for the image of Xiezhi, being more vivid and interesting. Meanwhile, the applied image of Xiezhi can explain that Roadman College stems from Roadman Lawyer Brand Organization and keeps the original intention of legal profession-oriented.

Business scope

high-end civil and commercial litigation business, bankrupt business, construction projects business, re-trail business, governmental advisory business, business of insurance and family wealth inheritance, intellectual property business, business of the “Belt and Road” initiative and foreign business, company law business, finance and insurance business, real estate business, criminal business, human resources business, environmental resources business, PPP business, maritime commerce and maritime business, business of the “Belt and Road” initiative and foreign business, international investment business, equity investment business, business related to disposition of non-performing assets, business related to mergers and acquisitions of company, securities and capital market business……

  • 笃诚守信,善行天下!

  • 信任多半是情谊,用“心”服务客户

Roadman Members

Jiangsu Roadman Law Firm(G320101)
Guangdong Mouzhi Law Firm(G440301)
Zhejiang Shuangjing Law Firm(G330101)
Jiangsu Tongdarui Law Firm(G320501)
Jiangsu Lutai Law Firm(G320201)
Jiangsu Fanchuang Law Firm(G320502)
Jiangsu Luzhuo Law Firm(G320701)
Jiangsu Lutao Law Firm(G321101)
Jiangsu Luxiu Law Firm(G320202)
Beijing Wanyue Law Firm(G110101)
Jiangsu Hougao Law Firm(G320602)
Jiangsu Lianyou Law Firm(G320601)
Jiangsu Like Law Firm(G321001)
Jiangsu Lihao Law Firm(G321301)
Jiangsu Luqi Law Firm(G320603)
Jiangsu Suxu Law Firm(G320301)
Jiangsu Luzhou Law Firm(G3200401)


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